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Steel ingot

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The molten steel ladle injection mold forming ingot solidification sheng. The molten steel smelting in furnace after completion, must be cast into the shape of the ingot or billet can be processed. With a mold cast process called ingot ingot.

In the casting process due to improper operation or improper control of injection speed, casting temperature, the cast ingot has defects. Common defects: scarring of the ingot surface, heavy leather, transverse and longitudinal crack, shrinkage hole and subcutaneous bubbles, porosity and segregation of internal residual, mixed with steel refractory and slag, dust caused by inclusion. These defects can greatly reduce the ingot blank rate, even the whole ingot scrap.

Institute of metal research the Xiwang steel comprehensive cooperation since, with ten of its core technology shares Xiwang, Xiwang steel in the field of domestic special steel quickly seize the commanding height of technology, leading the transformation and upgrading of the depth of the iron and steel industry, walk in the domestic steel industry of frontier.

The steel ingot products produced by the company can be used in transportation, energy and power, petrochemical, marine engineering, aerospace, weapons and equipment and other industries. The group's products include wide and thick slabs, round ingots, square ingots, shuttle ingots and hollow ingots, with specifications ranging from 3 tons to 80 tons.

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