R & D technology

Our research and development activities are generally directed toward five development goals:

• Improving product quality
• Developing new products
• Improving production efficiency
• Reducing production cost
• Energy conservation, Emission reduction, Environmental protection, Green and low carbon, Intelligent manufacturing

The company has always attached great importance to R & D, and has made major breakthroughs in new materials for rail transit, new steels for national key projects, new steels for marine engineering, new steels for special fields and other fields in recent years. At present, it has participated in 1 key R & D plan project of the Ministry of science and technology of China, 1 strong foundation project of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, 2 major science and technology projects of Shandong Province, 2 key R & D plan projects of Shandong Province and 1 key R & D plan project of Binzhou City. It is now a member of the Metallurgical Professional Committee of China Intellectual Property Alliance. Shandong special steel new material technology innovation center is under preparation. The company is listed as a high-end brand continuous cultivation enterprise in Shandong manufacturing industry. It has obtained 116 authorized patents and presided over and participated in the formulation and revision of national and industrial standards to 51 ones. The company will continue to deepen cooperation with the Institute of metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, make use of high-quality special steel industrial production technology, systematically transform the complete set of high-quality special steel preparation technology to meet the urgent needs of national key projects and major equipment, and develop 8 basic varieties such as high-end bearing steel, die steel, gear steel, spring steel, shaft steel, high-strength steel and welding steel, Realize the industrialization of high-quality special steel and strongly support the independent and controllable manufacturing of China's high-end equipment and its basic parts such as bearings, gears, molds and spindles.